Main Research Directions

  1. Structural analysis of proteins in the post-genome era

    Leader: Prof. Hai-Fu Fan

  2. Single-molecule study of DNA and proteins: Brownian-dynamics simulation and single-molecule fluorescence experiment

    Leader: Prof. Peng-Ye Wang

  3. T-jump study of protein folding dynamics

    Leader: Prof. Yu-Xiang Weng

  4. Molecular assembly in soft matter; Single-molecule manipulation

    Leader: Prof. Ming Li

  5. Structure and physical features of liquids, colloids and granular materials

    Leader: Prof. Kun-Quan Lu

  6. Pattern formation and control in complex systems

    Leader: Prof. Peng-Ye Wang

    (1) Control of patterns, spiral waves and spatiotemporal chaos

    (2) Excitable and cardiac systems

  7. Granular matter physics

        Leader: Prof. Meiying Hou