All university students who have physics, chemistry, or biology background are welcome to the Laboratory of Soft Matter Physics as PhD students.


We also have several post-doctoral vacancies.


Interested please contact the following doctoral tutors or the Personnel & Education Office:

( http://hre.iphy.ac.cn/)


Doctoral tutors


Peng-Ye Wang  (王鹏业)

Shuo-Xing Dou (窦硕星)

Wei-Chi Wang (王渭池)

Si-Ze Yang  (杨思泽)

Xuan-Zong Yang (杨宣宗)

Gang Sun  (孙刚)

Ming Li  (李明)

Fan Jiang (江凡)

Hai-Fu Fan  (范海福)

Yu-Xiang Weng  (翁羽翔)

Hong-Xing Xu (徐红星)

Mei-Ying Hou (厚美瑛)