Workshop on Granular Matter

(Updated February 27, 2003)

The Invited Talks:
Ding, Yulong (U. of Leeds):
  1. Solids motion in rotating drum mixers: experimental investigations
  2. Solids motion in rotating drums: theory and mathematical modeling
  3. Solids motion in gas fluidized beds
  4. Scale-up relationships for particulate systems
Luding, Stefan (Technische Universiteit Delft):
  1. An introduction to the theory and modeling of granular matter ( I C IV)
  2. Driven Hard Spheres
  3. Shear of cohesive, frictional, dense granular materials
Pak, Hyuk K. (Pusan National University):
  1. Pattern Formation in thin granular layers under vertical vibration
  2. Jamming Transition in granular system under vertical vibration
  3. Experimental techniques in studying granular systems
Thornton, Colin (U. of Birmingham):
  1. The significance of strong force chains on shear modulus, shear strength and strain localisation
  2. Non-coaxiality and flow rules in quasi-static shear deformation
To, Kiwing (Academia Sinica):
  1. What¨s peculiar of granular materials
  2. Granular solids
  3. Granular fluids
    Video of the talk